Three Best Practices in Payments Sales: A Buyer’s Perspective

Credit: Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

1. Fast engagement speed

Fast engagement speed is a baseline expectation.

  • Through the sales process: The best sales folks are prompt in their responses, share deadlines and what’s possible. Also, being fast didn’t mean they reduced the quality of their responses — they balanced detailed answers with fast responses.

2. Expert insights relevant to needs

Teach your buyer something.

  • To bring “challenging” insights, you need to know your buyer’s needs. You have to ask good questions to get visibility into these needs. Hence, expert insights are a balance of sharing what you know, but also making sure you’re not just talking. A great book about teaching is — Challenger Sales, where sales teams bring insights and best practices specific to that industry.

3. Transparency

Transparency builds trust.



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Celine Wee

Celine Wee

Musings are my own: a collection of learnings from Payments, Go To Market, Web3, Biz Ops across Stripe, Coinbase, Twitter